Setting up global HTTPS and SSO with Traefik v2 1 Oct, 2019

tl;dr: A working Traefik v2 config implementing everything in the post can be found here.

Bootstrapping your Puppet: Part I 21 Nov, 2018

Although there’s a ton of resources on the internet about what Puppet is and best practices with Puppet, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many which just detail what you need to do to bootstrap a barebones Puppet setup.

Loading multiple Jenkins Pipelines within a monolithic repository 12 Nov, 2018

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to effectively implement multiple Pipelines from a monolithic multibranch repository.

hello world 8 Nov, 2018

So this is the first post on my new blog… hopefully I’ll remember to post on this thing regularly and not forget. Probably will, but eh.

Creating a not crappy Windows dev environment 2 Jun, 2018

Note: This post was written on my old blog and is preserved for posterity. This was written from my time at Nasdaq, since WSL has horrendous disk performance.